woensdag 28 december 2011

The cutest reptile you're goanna see

UNTIL now, very few of us would have seen this species of reptile - the Rosenberg's goanna. 
Once common in southern Australia, it is classified in many areas as vulnerable because of land-clearing and predators such as feral cats.

Adelaide Zoo has successfully bred the Rosenberg's goanna for the first time.
Picture: Jo-anna Robinson

For the first time, the Adelaide Zoo has successfully bred the goanna, which has distinctive orange/brown colouring and grows up to one metre. Eventually, it's hoped the breeding program will help boost their numbers in South Australia, particularly in the Mt Lofty Ranges where they are most prevalent.

The goannas are endangered
in the Mt Lofty region.
 "Having our own young born here means we will have the opportunity to monitor their development for the first time," the zoo's senior reptile keeper, Byron Manning, said.

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