dinsdag 27 december 2011

Animal cruelty, part 4

A reminder why I place these articles!

The manager of the largest reptile zoo in the Netherlands has often said in public (television, newspapers, etc) that private keepers of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates do not take care of their animals in the right way. He wants stronger laws and a mandatory animal-registration. He thinks he is holier than the Pope because a number of animals which are his responsibility are mistreated in a terrible way. Often this are animals that were confiscated by the government of the Netherlands. They are the property of the Dutch government and the zoo gets payed well to take care of them.

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Suffering Green Iguanas

In the exposition of the reptile zoo there are two groups of Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana). In the group that lived on the ground floor there was a female Green Iguana that was continuously was molested by a male Green Iguana. Thanks to this she always had a number of wounds that would not heal because the male kept biting her. It goes without saying that the female iguana was always very stressed and afraid. The people who had to clean out the terrarium wanted to place her in a large terrarium on the quarantine so she could get rest and her wounds would heal.
The two managers of the reptile zoo did not allow this!

Lots of visitors were shocked when they saw the male Iguana bite the wounded female. Much too late she eventually was placed in a (too) small terrarium (100 x 50 x 50 cm) on the quarantine. Too small because she was not able to hide when the terrarium was cleaned. This gave her a lot of stress again. In this terrarium she perished miserably; this process of dying lasted for many months I heard of the people who had to care for her. I already had left the zoo at that moment.

This Green Iguana should have been euthanized! Her wounds were chronically inflamed and did not heal. She became blind, would hardly eat or drink anything and there is no doubt in my mind that her internal organs also suffered a lot of the biting.

The top of the head of the female Green Iguana
that was continuously bitten by a male Green Iguana

The back of the female Green Iguana
that was continuously bitten by a male Green Iguana

In the past there also were other Green Iguanas at the quarantine that were very ill or disabled. These were not euthanized, but had to suffer during a long period before they died. This is a severe form of animal cruelty and very unprofessional of the responsible managers. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

This Green Iguana suffered of a severe form of rachitis
(not caused by the people of the reptile zoo).
It was kept alive during a longer period.
He was hardly able to move himself

A chronically ill Green Iguana that suffered for many months

A chronically ill Green Iguana that suffered for many months

In this setting the Green Iguana had to live during the awful last months of her life

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  1. this breaks my heart. its unbelievable that anyone would do this to any animal... they are just so innocent and sweet this actually made me cry. i cant stand people sometimes.